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It's been a while but I'd like to present our Project/group philosophy.  It's mainly written to incorporate members of JDWasabi-Studios as well as members of art.Unanimate; the home of our developmental forums :).  All in all, this project is open to everyone who wants to be part of the team and contribute ;D.

Please note that this is subject to change over time but everyone will be notified of any changes.


Hungry Whispers Project Philosophy.

This is an ever evolving team project and as such our philosophy evolves along with it. We aspire to inspire, share, create and most importantly learn from each other. For some of us this will be the first time working on a large team project, online or otherwise. It is important that we all know where we stand as members of the Hungry Whispers project, the artUnanimate community, and as an individual artist.

- Let's begin -

Hungry Whispers is an experimental project originally developed solely by Jade Leamcharaskul (dev:JDWasabi:) who is the project director. It has expanded into an exciting and ambitious project, beginning a journey already showing what can be achieved when artists from around the globe combine their passion for creating and learning.

Artists give of their own free time in exchange for learning from peers, amateurs and professionals alike, in pursuit of a common goal.

- What is the goal? -

The goal is to create a new and customisable gaming experience in the form of a beautiful, highly interactive and playable game. This will be a gaming experience in which players can potentially interact with their real world surroundings to reach breakthroughs within the game.

- Where do I come in? -

As artists we seek to put our own individual touch on the world around us. We create fantastical worlds to inspire and to awe, and to provoke and challenge, whether that be on the wall of an art gallery or in the world of a computer game such as Hungry Whispers.

Whether we are concept designers, 3D artists, writers, programmers or musicians, each of us have the ability to influence the world of Hungry Whispers through our input. But not only do we influence the world that we are helping to create, but we inspire and influence those around us.

Everyones unique and individual skill, time and effort - no matter how large or how little - is valued and important to the development of this game.

- How is my work used? -

Art is our passion. Naturally we can be protective about what we are passionate about. As in any professional project, you're work will become part of a collective of pieces created for Hungry Whispers, from concept development through to final art pieces. Does it mean you loose ownership of your work? No. There is however some ground rules.

While you are free to share your work, in some cases you may have to wait to be able to do so. A release cycle will be implemented for certain Hungry Whispers development projects, meaning there will be a hold on displaying certain pieces publicly for a certain amount of time. This will mostly apply to final art and audio work.

We are all busy and sometimes we won't be able to contribute as much as we hope - and if the worst comes about - you are free to leave the team at anytime. However, the results of your work will continue to remain implemented into Hungry Whispers if it already has been and will remain in our development archive. You must also continue to honour any work release cycles in place at the time. The work must also not be used for other projects without first receiving permission from both a Director and a Production Manager from the Hungry Whispers project.

You will of course still receive credit for all of your hard work!

We all have a responsibility to look after Hungry Whispers and it's content. This is our (and yours!) creation and we have and will be putting a lot of hours into this project. It is only natural all of us don't want to see our hard work ending up elsewhere.

- What is artUnanimate and what role does it play? -

Simply put, artUnanimate is your online production studio. It is our hub - an online tool designed and developed for large projects such as Hungry Whispers. It allows teams to interact with each other and share and discuss ideas. We encourage a fun and productive environment where team members can help one another become better artists through both improving skills and gaining experience!

- Welcome to the Hungry Whispers project! -

We hope you are as excited about this game as much as we are and are very much looking forward to working with you. As a final note, you should never feel unable to have your voice heard throughout working on this project.

You are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions if you are unsure about anything or even if you just want to get to know us better! The production team are here to help you during your time with the team. If you need anything, let us know!

Happy creating!
Michael Lundie
Production Manager, Hungry Whispers

Feb, 2012
This document is subject to change and you will be notified of any changes.


Simply put, ML makes sure that the production side of of HW is able to run smoothly XD.

Any questions/comments let me know! I'll try my best to answer them >_<.

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March 7, 2012


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